SD-WAN Appliance

Powered by Intel®’s Xeon® Skylake-D Processors , the 1U rackmount uCPE TCA 5170 series provide telecom companies virtualization environments with flexible processor core count ranging from entry 4-core to high performance 14-core to ensure greater variety of selection for most efficient deployment.

產品照片 產品型號 CPU Chipset LAN Form Factor
80055314-d724-436a-a4aa-12702e1723c0 TCA 5170 Intel? Xeon? D-2123IT N/A Intel? I350 1U Rackmount
5d6257e2-ea6c-47b2-93f3-a62f41e091bc TCA 5170B Intel? Xeon? D-2177NT N/A Intel? I350 1U Rackmount
fe4820a2-b63b-4e06-a5f7-f8b6f149c43a TCA 5170C Intel? Xeon? D-2146NT N/A Intel? I350 1U Rackmount
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